Catherine Czerkawska

Catherine Czerkawska

Meet the Author:  From a picturesque Ayrshire conservation village

Catherine was born in Yorkshire, of Polish, Irish and English parentage.  She has spent many years living and working in Scotland, and despite time also spent working in Finland, Poland and the Canary Isles, she considers herself to be Scottish.

Catherine has an honours degree in English Literature and Mediaeval Studies from Edinburgh University and a postgraduate Masters in Folk Life Studies from the University of Leeds.

Although these days she concentrates almost exclusively on fiction, she has more than one hundred hours of produced radio drama to her name, some of it award-winning, as well as extensive experience of writing for the stage.

Catherine and her husband, artist and woodcarver Alan Lees, live and work in a beautiful but high-maintenance 200-year-old stone built cottage.


The Curiosity Cabinet  (2005)  Bird of Passage  (2011)  The Amber Heart  (2012)  Orange Blossom Love  (2013)  Ice Dancing  (2014)  The Physic Garden  (2014)  The Jewel  (2016)  The Posy Ring  (2018)


The Way it Was: A History of Gigha  (2016)