The History of Overton Church

Chapter 3:  The Second Ministry (1837-1842)


During these early days of the congregation, ministry was continually hampered by financial struggle.  That was true of Mr Mather’s ministry, and also of his successor’s.

The second minister was Rev. Andrew Sprott, MA, from Stranraer, who was ordained on 15th November 1837.

It appears that during his short ministry of just 5 years some “serious alienation” developed between him and his people.


A debt of £160 was felt to be oppressive.  In 1840 effort was made to have it reduced through the aid of the Presbytery and a body called the Debt Liquidating Board.  The membership then was 110.

But it was not until three years after Mr Sprott had gone – in 1845 – that this burden was lessened by £100, one half raised by the people, and one half by the Board.

Church Candles

Mr Sprott resigned on 26th April 1842, but let it be recorded that, while he obviously had a somewhat estranged ministry at West Kilbride, in 1845 he became minister of Archieston, in the Presbytery of Elgin, where he had a happy and fruitful ministry.