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Fiona Macintosh

Meet the Author:  In North Ayrshire

After many years working in human rights, particularly on Latin America, Fiona went to work as a designer in Nicaragua during the 1980s.  She returned there many times since to complete a book on life stories of a Nicaraguan family.

This book ROSA of the Wild Grass, The Story of a Nicaraguan Family was published in 2016.  Fiona's images from the book now form an exhibition of wall-hangings and prints, during which she gives book readings and runs art-making workshops.

Since returning home to Scotland in 2003, Fiona has been painting and drawing all that moves her, and that, as she says "for sure, is all around in this braw country."

Fiona is a writer, artist and designer, qualified in anthropology and sociology, and a practicing art psychotherapist.

​​ROSA of the Wild Grass: The Story of a Nicaraguan Family  (2016)