Harry Hunter

Meet the Author:  From West Kilbride

Harry Hunter is the pen name of a retired academic who lives with his wife (and cat) at West Kilbride on the Ayrshire coast.  Harry writes Christian fiction.

Harry’s collection of short stories, Taking The High Road, was published in 2014.  It tells of the situations – at turns challenging and amusing – encountered by a couple from the English Midlands when they are relocated to the West of Scotland. Experiences lead them both to re-evaluate what God is calling them to do.

The Kilfinan Treasure was published in early 2019.  Mysterious poems are appearing in the local paper leading people to search for a treasure.  Is it a real one or a spiritual one – or perhaps both?  Who will find it?  Who is behind the treasure hunt and why?  Can you crack the code?

Taking the High Road  (2014)

The Kilfinan Treasure  (2019)

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