Louise Turner, Scottish archaeologist and author

Louise Turner

Meet the Author:  Writer and Archaeologist

Louise was born in Glasgow and has lived in the West of Scotland throughout her life.  She attended school in Greenock.  By the time she finished secondary education, Louise played the French horn and what she wanted more than anything was to be an orchestral musician - or, better still, a soloist. She loved horses.  And she wrote.  Insatiably.

Her French Horn tutor advised that she wasn’t single-minded enough to be a musician, so Louise went to university.  In her second year, quite by accident, she discovered archaeology, graduating with an MA in Archaeology, and then a Ph.D., specializing in the Late Bronze Age metalwork of Essex and Kent.  Throughout this period, she kept on writing.  Mainly science-fiction, because that’s what she liked reading.

With her archaeological background, perhaps it’s not surprising that Louise finally found myself writing historical fiction; and more to the point – historical fiction set in Scotland.  As the old saying goes, always write about what you know.   And she just keeps on writing.  Incessantly.

Louise’s debut novel, Fire and Sword, was published in September 2013.  Her second work, The Gryphon at Bay,  followed in March 2017.

Fire and Sword  (2013)

The Gryphon at Bay  (2017)