Michael J Malone

Meet the Author:  From Burns' Country

Michael J. Malone was born and brought up in the heart of Burns' country, just a stone's throw from the great man's cottage in Ayr.  Well, a stone thrown by a catapult, maybe.

He has published over 200 poems in literary magazines throughout the UK, including New Writing Scotland, Poetry Scotland and Markings.  His career as a poet has also included a (very) brief stint as the Poet-In-Residence for an adult gift shop.  Don't ask.

Blood Tears, his debut novel won the Pitlochry Prize (judge: Alex Gray) from the Scottish Association of Writers and when it was published he added a "J" to his name to differentiate it from the work of his talented U.S. namesake.

McBain Series

Blood Tears (2012)  A Taste for Malice (2013)  Bad Samaritan (2016)


Beyond the Rage (2014)  A Suitable Lie (2016)  Dog Fight (2017)  House of Spines (2017)  After He Died (2018)


The Guillotine Choice (2014)

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