Pat Young

Meet the Author:  From Auchinleck

Pat was born in Auchinleck and moved to Ayr, where she still lives, most of the time. 

She's a reader who accidentally became a writer when she found a book with a letter and money hidden inside.  The idea for Till the Dust Settles came later, in 2013 when Pat watched a documentary about the dust cloud that shrouded Manhattan on 9/11 and thought, "What if ...?"

Pat's debut novel Till the Dust Settles was awarded the prestigious Constable Stag trophy by the Scottish Association of Writers and hit the top spot on Amazon one week after its sequel was released.  I Know Where You Live, published in March 2018, moves the action to France and then to Pat's native Ayrshire.

Till the Dust Settles  (2017)

I Know Where You Live  (2018)

One Perfect Witness  (2018)

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